Frequently Asked Questions
Advice and answers from the From Your Friends Team.
Questions About Your Subscription
What are the deadlines for making changes each month?
The deadline for making changes to your database, unmailed quantities, personalization and participation status is Noon, Mountain Time on the 15th of each month.  HOWEVER, if the 15th falls on a weekend, that deadline moves to the Friday before.  Keep in mind no changes can be made after the deadline.
How often can I make changes to my database and/or personalization?
You may update your database or the personalized area of your postcard as often as you'd like, at no cost.  Updates may be made at any time, but must be complete prior to the deadline (see above) to be included in the next printing/mailing.  Whatever data and personalization is in your account at the deadline is what will be used for your order.
Do I have to order a specific quantity? What is the minimum order?
Our minimum order is just 25 postcards. The minimum can be mailed postcards, unmailed postcards or a combination of both.  If you submit a database, it may have any number of names.
Can I purchase individual postcards instead of subscribing to a monthly program?
Sorry, no.  Our program is designed and priced as a monthly subscription to provide constant contact with your sphere of influence.  You can skip individual mailings, but this program only works if you connect with your database regularly.
My customers really liked your latest promotion. Can I order additional postcards?
Maybe.  Depending upon the time frame of the offer, we can occasionally honor requests for additional postcards.  However, there is a minimum order of 250 for a custom print run / mailing.
Can my competition order these postcards?
In most markets, From Your Friends is exclusive to one or two brokerages and only the agents at that company have access to the program.  In other areas, the program is open to all real estate professionals, but is limited to the first 500 subscribers to ensure a high level of exclusivity. On our Upcoming Offers page you can see if your market is exclusive to your brokerage, open to all real estate professionals, or if your brokerage has a customized program in an otherwise open market.
How do I know may database won't be used for other purposes? How secure is my information?
Braintree Marketing, Inc. and From Your Friends never uses your database or personal information for anything other than completing your order or corresponding about your subscription.  Please click here for a complete copy of our privacy policy.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Please call our customer service department at (719) 235-5084 if you wish to cancel. Cancellation notices must be received by the 10th of the month to ensure it is processed prior to the next deadline.  You will be asked to verify your Username or account information for security purposes.
Questions About Billing & Payment
When is my credit card charged?
We charge your credit card on the day the postcards go to press to be printed and personalized (the monthly deadline).  This is usually the 15th of each month, or the Friday before if the 15th falls on a weekend.  You will receive a receipt via email or can access your receipts by logging into your account.
Can I pay by check?
Sorry, no.  Because this is an ongoing subscription and because your total cost is determined by your changeable database, monthly charges can vary.  We've determined that credit / debit card payments are the appropriate way to ensure we keep our costs low.
Questions About Featured Partners & Offers
How long are the offers good for?
Most featured partner offers are valid for 60 days.  However, in specific instances the redemption period will be limited by event dates, season schedules, holidays, etc.  We work to ensure your recipients will have a reasonable amount of time to make use of the offer.
What happens if a restaurant / venue won't honor the discount or goes out of business?
There is always a small inherent risk in co-promotional marketing, especially when trying to support small, local businesses, but we do our very best to work with only solid, reputable companies.  However, we do ask that our subscribers share this risk.  At From Your Friends, we are committed to finding outstanding partners and negotiating valuable free offers and discounts.  We provide this service, as well as managing your database, offering monthly personalization, and printing and mailing your postcards.  However, that is where our responsibility has to end, and our Subscription Agreement has always outlined this aspect of our customer relationship. Section 11.8 of the Subscription Agreement all customers sign when they create an account says:Discounts and offers made by participating featured Partners and printed on Materials and Web Site are authorized in writing by an official officer or agent of the Participating Featured Partner.  Honoring the discounts and offers printed on FROM YOUR FRIENDS Materials and Website is the sole responsibility of the participating featured Partner… FROM YOUR FRIENDS is not responsible for and cannot be held liable for featured participating Partner’s failure to honor offers or discount for any reason, including termination of their business operations. We want to ensure that all of our customers understand that once a postcard has been printed and shipped, we cannot offer a refund if a featured restaurant or venue changes or terminates their operations during the promotional period. We communicate regularly with our featured partners to ensure this doesn’t
happen, including a confirmation discussion on the day your postcards are printed.  But even with the utmost diligence, some things are outside of our control.  If a featured postcard partner informs us of their change/closure prior to the actual printing/mailing of a postcard, we will provide either a refund or an alternate partner.  But once a postcard is printed/mailed, responsibility for honoring the redemption falls completely on the postcard partner.
I have a favorite restaurant I'd like to see on the postcards. Who do I call?
We love suggestions!  Please send us an email to with your recommendations.  However, keep in mind that we have a very strict criteria and only 12 spots available each year. Detailed contact information is helpful as well!
Questions About Mailing & Delivery
I want to mail my own postcards, how much postage do I need?
If you order unmailed postcards and want to mail them yourself, you'll need to apply first class postage.  Be sure to include a return address in the mailing panel if you want return service.
When are the postcards mailed / delivered each month?
Postcards are mailed to arrive in homes during the first week of each month.  If you purchase unmailed postcards, they will be delivered around the 1st of each month.  Because USPS delivery times vary by location and time of year, we can't guarantee an exact delivery date.
Do you offer return service on undeliverable postcards?
No. To keep your costs low, we combine our mail into bulk, standard mail groupings and return service is not provided.  However all databases are updated with the USPS National Change of Address information which will forward mail to new addresses.  We encourage all subscribers to send at least one first-class mailing each year to keep databases up to date.  Alternatively , we can provide an NCOA report for your database for a small charge.
Someone in my database said they didn't receive their postcard. How do I know it was mailed?
We receive certified verification from the post office for every piece mailed and can provide this upon request.  However, we cannot guarantee delivery of the postcard once it has become the responsibility of the USPS.  There may be several reasons someone on your database does not receive or recall receiving a postcards.  A very small portion of mail is lost or damaged in transit by the USPS and in some cases the address you provided may be incomplete or incorrect, or you may not have updated it prior to the mailing deadline. Please contact us if you have any concerns about delivery.
I don’t have a database, can I order one from you?
Yes, we can assist you in creating a farming database based on a variety of criteria including zip codes, neighborhoods, home values, length of ownership, marital status, presence of children, household income and more.  Contact a customer service representative for details.
Questions About the Postcards & Printing
What size are the postcards?
Postcards are 6.0 x 9.0 inches and are printed on 100# cover stock and finished with an aqueous coating on the front.
Are your postcards recyclable?
Yes.  Our postcards are recyclable with other paper products.  Our paper suppliers and printers are committed to sustainable paper production and are members of the Forestry Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Institute.
Can I change the portion of the postcard that features information about my brokerage?
No. That area is reserved for the logo and marketing message of our exclusive brokerage partners and often includes information required by local regulations.  The information is provided by and approved by your brokerage management team.
Do you still have questions? Contact our team for the answers you are looking for.