Regional Offers/Geotargeting
Regional Offers in Chicagoland Suburbs / Large Metropolitan Areas
When you subscribe to From Your Friends you select the brokerage you work for or the city/market where your sphere resides and your account is created in that area. We provide a featured partner offer in that area each month and that is the postcard that is sent to your sphere. However, in the Chicagoland Suburbs market (and coming soon to other large metropolitan areas), we have divided the area into three regions:  Northwest, West and Southwest.  When a featured postcard partner has locations in all three regions,that postcard will be sent to everyone in your database. Other times, we may have three separate postcard partners – one for each region.  The recipients in your database will automatically receive the offer that is closest to their address.  We use sophisticated geotargeting software to map our featured partner locations and determine the distance to your recipient address. To see the upcoming partner for each region, just visit the Upcoming Featured Partners page.  Each featured partner offer is identified by a specific region or when it covers more than one, by multiple regions.  Be sure to scroll down the page to view all regional offers.
Ordering Unmailed Postcards in Markets with Multiple Regions
Once logged into your account, you can elect to order unmailed postcards that are delivered directly to you rather than mailed to your database.  In markets with multiple regions, you can select a quantity to be delivered to you for each individual region. When a featured partner offer is the same for each region, you will still receive the TOTAL number of unmailed postcards for each region.  For example, if you order 10 unmailed postcards for each of 3 regions, when the offer is different for each region you will receive a total of 30 postcards – 10 for each featured partner.  If the partner offer is the same for all three regions you will receive 30 of the same postcard.  The order total remains the same.  The total quantity you order will be delivered to you each month until you change it (unless you opt to skip a month).
Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I specify which regional offer I want my customer address to receive?
No.  With new offers each month and often multiple locations for each regional offer, we will automatically geotarget your recipient address with the offer closest tothem.  

Can you tell me which regional offer my customer/address will receive?
Unfortunately, no.  Until all databases are processed through the geotargeting software we do not know which offer will be geographically closest.
Chicagoland Suburbs Regions
Our Chicagoland Suburbs program is currently focused in the Northwest, West and Southwest suburban regions of Chicagoland. That means the majority of our featured partner offers will be located in those areas. However, if a featured partner has locations in the metro/downtown area, those locations will be included in the offer.  General descriptions of the boundaries of each region are below, but are not exact and are subject to change.  Keep in mind that an address near the border of any region may switch between regions for any given offer depending upon the physical locationsof our featured partners. Your recipients will automatically receive the offer closest to them regardless of our defined regions.

Northwest Suburbs:  
This region encompasses the area north along I-294 and west along U.S. Route 20 including Rosemont, Schaumburg, Palatine, Arlington Heights, Elgin, Crystal Lake, McHenry, and Buffalo Grove.

West Suburbs:  
This region encompasses the area between U.S. Route 20 on the north, I-55 on the south and I-294 on the east, including Naperville, Aurora, St. Charles, Wheaton, Lombard, Downers Grove, Plainfield and Oakbrook.

Southwest Suburbs:
This region encompasses the area between I-55 on the north, I-294 on the east and US Route 30 / Lincoln Highway on the south, including Oak Park, Tinley Park, Frankfort, Joliet, Shorewood and Lockport.
Do you still have questions? Contact our team for the answers you are looking for.