Amazingly Affordable. Outrageously Effective!
Reward the people in your sphere for about a dollar a month.
Mailed Postcards
Un-Mailed Postcards
25 - 49 postcards
$1.10 Each
$0.80 Each
50 - 249 postcards
$1.05 Each 
$0.80 Each
250 - 499 postcards
$1.00 Each
$0.80 Each
500 - 999 postcards
$0.95 Each
$0.80 Each
1,000 - 2,499 postcards
$0.90 Each
$0.80 Each
Over 2,500 postcards
Call us to discuss orders over 2500 and customized program options.
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*Plus applicable sales tax in CO, MN, NC, NE, NM, OK & WA.
Mailed Postcards
Mailed postcard costs include your online database manager, unlimited personalization, printing, addressing AND postage!  There are no quantity restrictions.  If you have 101 names in your database, you will be charged for 101 postcards.
UnMailed Postcards
Unmailed postcards include everything our mailed postcards do except addressing and postage.  Postcards will be zip-bagged and shipped directly to you to distribute (please see our usage guidelines).  If you choose to mail them, you'll need to include a first class stamp and return address.
Shipping Fees
For most Exclusive Brokerage partners, unmailed postcards are shipped to your office at NO CHARGE! In our Open and Customized Markets and for customers with widespread offices, unmailed postcards are shipped to an individual address you provide. Orders up to 25 have a fee of $4.00. Orders of 26 to 125 have a fee of $8.50 and orders over 125 have a fee of $10.50.